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The Voice & Influence Team are part of Kirklees Council’s Directorate for Adult & Children and we work with children, young people, senior managers and decision-makers from across the whole of the Kirklees area.

We know that children and young people are some of the heaviest users of public services – education, youth services and social care services. In order to secure good services for young people, we believe that young people should help make decisions, inspect and give feedback and speak out about issues that concern them both locally and nationally. We encourage and support local councillors, senior managers and decision makers to actively involve children and young people in the development of local services.

Working with us, children and young people gain skills, confidence and knowledge so that they can make their voices heard on issues that are important to them and can contribute to local democratic process in Kirklees.

Established for over 15 years, we have built up a wealth of knowledge about the issues that matter to young people, their concerns and their suggested solutions. This means we are ideally placed to support services and agencies wanting to engage with children and young people.



Over the years we have worked with a wide range of key partners and agencies and influenced and shaped a wide range of services, these have included:


• Children and young people who live, study or spend leisure time in Kirklees

• Local Councillors

• Senior managers and decision-makers

• Local Schools, Colleges and University

• Integrated Youth Support Service (IYSS) which includes Youth Service and Youth Offending

• Primary Care Trust and Public Health

• Various statutory and third sector organisations

• Transport Services

• Emergency Services

• Regional and British Youth Councils



The Voice & Influence Team champion and take the lead in developing the meaningful engagement of children and young people in decision making.


Our main areas of work can be divided into four main sections (click for further information):


Kirklees Youth Council (KYC)

Our Voice

Emotional Wellbeing

Short ‘n’ Snappy Projects


We work in a many different ways to encourage children and young people from all backgrounds and abilities to get involved. This includes working with small and large groups on short and long-term projects using a range of mediums such as creative arts, media, music and sport.


Equally we work directly with senior managers and decision makers to encourage and support them to involve young people in their decision making processes to ensure that the expressed views and needs of young people are reflected in the services provided to them.



As a result of the innovative projects delivered as part of the Voice & Influence programme, we have gained local and nation recognition and received numerous awards including:


• Prince Michael International Road Safety Award (2012)

• British Youth Council: Youth on Board Award (2012)

• Young Advisors: Best Project with Lasting Impact (2012)

• Young Advisors: Best New Team (2012)

• National Crime Beat Award (2011/12)

• British Youth Council: Youth Voice Award (2011)


Please Contact Us if you would like any further details about any of our projects.


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