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safe-aimOur Aim


The Voice & Influence team have worked in collaboration with an array of statutory agencies locally and nationally on a range of Staying Safe projects, many of which are based on the peer education model:



Young people aged 12 to 19, are trained up by staff from Kirklees Streetscene and the emergency services to become ‘Road Safety Champs’. Their role as Road Safety Champs’ is to work alongside professionals at community events and to go in to schools and colleges to educate children and young people on travel and road safety. They have also undertaken work for the Regional Road Safety Partnership to help young people within Kirklees access suitable creative resources on road safety. Click here for further information on the Road Safety Champions Project

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Young people from Royds Hall High School in Huddersfield have been working in Partnership with West Yorkshire Police Safeguarding Unit to become HCI Peer Mentors. Once trained, this group of pupils will act as a point of contact and support for other pupils within the school. They will also support a Scrutiny panel being set up within the school alongside the Safer Schools Police Office.  Click here to view our Hate Crime Incidents (HCI) Peer Mentors Report



Working alongside Kirklees Integrated Youth Support Service (IYSS) and Kirklees Safeguarding Children’s Board (KSCB), young people have been involved in delivering workshops to adults who work with children and young people. The workshops delivered are based around some of the issues that young people with disabilities face as well as young people from Yorkshire Mixtures (LGBT) group and the Kirklees Road Safety Champions sharing their experiences. The group aim to offer more young person-led workshops during future conferences.



Young people have been involved in a range of projects aim at training young people to work alongside a range of statutory agency partners such as West Yorkshire Police, Probation Service and Mid Yorkshire Trust to encourage their involvement in the Section 11 Audit*. These young person led projects aim to reduce barriers and capture feedback from children and young people and use the information gathered to inform service delivery.

Work to date has included collaborative events with the Police and children and young people consultation around the planned changes for Dewsbury District Hospital. Future consultation work is also planned around the children’s assessment unit at Pinderfield’s Hospital and involvement in the ‘Challenge’ event.  Click here to view our Challenge Event Report

West Yorkshire Probation Trust asked Children and Young People how they can help support them, if their family members are involved with their service. IYCE helped by planning and delivering a ‘Family Fun day’ to ask them…

Here is what they said…

*Statutory audits that Services involved in the welfare or safeguarding of children and young people have to complete. As part of this they have to evidence how they have kept children and young people safe.



As part of the Kirklees Food Strategy, IYCE developed a range of activities to involve young people in understanding how food can:

Be Healthy

Be Sustainable

Have an impact on our emotional health and overall wellbeing.

The project aimed to collect young peoples feedback and identify ‘target areas’ for the strategy to address, as well as creating fun and engaging activities in a tool kit for professionals to use. The report is available here: Children, Young People & The Food Strategy


safe-contributeHow You Can Contribute


Young People:

It is entirely voluntary! The sessions we run are varied and last between 1-2 hours for the project duration, which could be from 3-12 months. The sessions run can take place in schools, community centres, youth clubs, Brian Jackson House, and libraries. Contact Us if you are interested in taking part in a project.



Adults can Contact Us if they want to involve children and young people’s voice/opinions within the service they provide. We can help adults and Services to plan ways in which young people can contribute to their service design or delivery.


safe-voiceYoung People’s Voice


Involving young people can become part of an organisations way of delivering and evaluating their service, particularly when the wellbeing and safety of young people is on the agenda. Children and young people can bring a unique dimension to service design, delivery and evaluation.

Children and young people can obtain accreditation for their involvement and also develop skills and experience that they can use elsewhere.

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