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kyc-aim-02Our Aim


Kirklees Youth Councillors (often referred to simply as ‘Youth Councillors’) have worked on a wide range of projects, some you can read about below. They have worked with lots of different people including:

  • Young people in schools, youth clubs and other groups
  • Adults who make decisions, recently they have worked with Kirklees Employment and Skills Board and Calderdale and Kirklees Careers
  • Others who want to support young people to make a difference such as the University of Huddersfield and Northorpe Hall Trust
  • National organisations such as British Youth Council and National Council for Voluntary Youth Services

To find out more about Kirklees Youth Council (KYC), click on our Guide to KYC, read our KYC Report 2013/14 or scroll down the page.



We recently spoke to 129 children at the Huddersfield Pyramid School Council Summit.

We wanted to find out what skills children use to ‘bounce back’ in difficult times and what adults can do to support them when they struggle.

We asked them:

  1. What do you do to cheer yourself up when you feel sad?
  2. What could grown ups do to help you when you are feeling sad? (Something they do not do at the moment)

Find out what we learnt School Council Summit 2014 Responses



This year’s Youth Select Committee carried out an inquiry into how young people are supported in developing life skills. They wanted to know:

‘What is the role of the education system and the national curriculum in equipping young people with skills for life’?

Find out how KYC and local children and young people shared their views with the Youth Select Committee by clicking here



Over the years, the Voice & Influence Team have successfully developed and run a number of grant schemes such as Kids Count, Make A Change (MAC) and Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF), offering funding to children and young people for innovative project ideas themed around the Every Child Matters Agenda.

Kirklees Youth Council Grant Scheme is our most recent grant scheme. This runs periodically and is open to young people living in Kirklees aged 13 -19 who have a project idea that links with an identified priority. Click here for further details on the KYC Grant Scheme.  You can also click here to view our KYC Grant Scheme Summary Report for 2012/13.



Two Youth Councillor applied to take part in a project with the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS). The organisation was planning to prepare young people for the new Police Crime Commissioner elections. Working with young people from across the country, the Youth Councillors designed a Youth Charter that the Police Crime Commissioners (PCC) were invited to sign. The charter spells out principles for good engagement between Police, Crime Commissioners and young people. Click here to view the Police & Crime Commissioners (PCCs) Youth Charter.

More recently the elected PCC for West Yorkshire asked young people in our area to offer suggestions for an interview question for the West Yorkshire Chief Constable post. Youth Councillors were able to share their views and these were reflected in the Kirklees ‘Fear of Crime’ Report and the ‘National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS) Youth Charter’. They also offered to work in partnership on a forthcoming youth event for young people in West Yorkshire.



As part of their ongoing work with the Kirklees Children’s Trust, Youth Councillors recently identified Emotional Health and Wellbeing as their next priority issue. They aim to support the Children’s Trust who have written this priority into the Kirklees Children and Young People’s Plan, by asking local children and young people what they think are the top issues to be addressed. They also hope to consult other young people using a short survey that they have designed.



In January 2013, KYC decided to look at young people’s views of work experience and volunteering. They collected information and invited guests to meetings to help them identify a focus that would be beneficial to everyone. After lots of hard work they put together a survey to gather the views of local young people from Year 7 onwards around their experience of work experience and volunteering as a whole. The Youth Councillors met with members of Kirklees Children’s Trust and Kirklees Employment and Skills Board (who invited one Youth Councillor to become a full Board member) to share the information gathered. Click here to view the Work Experience & Volunteering: Young Peoples Views Report


kyc-contributeHow You Can Contribute


Young People:

If you are a group or individual with an issue you want to raise with the Youth Council, we can guide you to the right person, department or organisation to help you. Likewise, if you are interested in taking part in Youth Council, you can click here to view our Guide to KYC orContact Us and someone will arrange to meet with you and support you through the application process. It’s easy!



Through our vast network of young people from across Kirklees, professionals who work with young people can gain valuable support and create links and share information about young people’s issues and solutions. If you are a service provider or decision maker, we can also arrange for you to meet the Youth Council to share the work you are doing and explore ways in which you can work in partnership with the Youth Council in the future.


kyc-voiceYoung People’s Voice


The Youth Council benefits from having representatives from across the Kirklees area. Young people with disabilities, those in college and co-optees are also represented in the Youth Council.

Over the years the Youth Council has developed really strong links with lots of different people and organisations working together on a range of issues.

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