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Our Voice is a project which gets young people involved in making changes to their community and the services they use. To see how it works, take a peek in the Guide to ‘Our Voice’.

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A group of Crew Members helped support the Your Library: Your Voice consultation. Which worked on improving their local libraries. The young people visited different libraries to see what was on offer, talked about what they liked and what they didn’t like and came up with a plan to make changes. They made a report from all information they collected along with information from lots of other groups too,  into ‘Your Library, Your Voice’, which they presented to Council Officers and Elected Members. Since then, they have won a Rotary award, won a British Youth Council Youth on Board Award and helped redesign the community room in Dewsbury Library. They planned and helped deliver an 02 Think Big Community Arts Project too.


Trained Crew Members have been commisioned to visit chosen services to see what they think about what is on offer. The visits can be ‘open’ (an agreed assessment) or can take place ‘undercover’. Various Mystery shops have been carried out to date…but we can’t tell you about them here! That would give us away!


Youth Proofing asks Crew Members to comment, feedback and make suggestions for changes on publicity and marketing materials (leaflets, websites, posters or adverts aimed at young people). It also gives young people the opportunity to offer better ways for organisations and services to market or present their ideas.

Our latest piece was to pilot the ‘Children and Young People Survey 2014′ for colleagues in public health. Over 4,500 young people will be offered the chance to do the survey this year. so it was essential some young people trialled it first. 50 of us gave feedback and made suggestions for change, which the lovely people in the public health service have taken on board and made changes. Here is an example of some of the suggestions you made for change: CVHS

Crew Members were asked to ‘Youth Proof’ the National Careers Service website. Click here to view the National Career Service: Our Voice Report.

This work has given rise to work placement opportunities for students or graduates to work on live briefs to create publicity and marketing materials. Click here to find out more about our University of Huddersfield Photography Student Placement. You can also contact us if you wish to explore work placement opportunities with us.


We were commissioned by Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (KNH) and young tenants, so that young people could influence the new Furniture Pack Contract. We asked for young peoples feedback on the current pack and how the offer could be improved.  Young people’s suggestions have been added into the contract-so the new supplier can give them an offer which better meets their needs. It should save money too! Read all about it here: KNH Report

Young tenants also met with the Young People’s Tenancy Team Manager and KNH Designer to re-design the informartion pack about their tenancy agreement and furniture pack. They wanted to make it shorter and simpler…Here is is!! Young People Pack info

Our Emotional Health and Wellbeing work is now complete. Here is the report, which tells us lots of information about where young people seek hlp from and the kind of services they said they would access Our Voice chEWS Report. In a special report Crew Members observed sessions run by services that Kirklees Council help fund and provided feedback to the Commissioners and planned an activity day for service users to feedback their ideas and suggestions for change.


Town centres are important to young people. They are a place to meet, socialise and spend! Young people told us this at our Buns & Banter Event in March 2012. The ideas young people shared, to make our town centre better were so impressive that the decision makers in Kirklees Town Planning have asked young people to help make changes they’d like to see. Young people will work with their very own budget as part of the High Street Innovation Fund. Our Town: Our Views Our Town: Our Views tells you all about this project.

We’ve set up a young peoples promo team too, to try and encourage young people to attend Free Council Events. We also go along and collect feedback from members of the public and provide our thoughts and suggestions to the organisers. Here are some examples of our work… FOL Our Voice Feedback, Overall YP Feedback, Spirit Feedback or read our overall report here:Our Voice Marketing & Evaluation Feedback

You can also see our lovely mosaic on the Piazza Wall, in the town centre :)


Our Voice Crew Members were commissioned by the Locala School Nursing Team to explore the support young people felt they might need if they and their families became homeless. The report “If I was homeless, I would need…” outlines all the key findings of this project. It even prompted a new publicity campaign by the Locala team. They made these super new posters as a result of our work…School Nurse New Publicity

To EVALUATE our SUCCESS over the past 2 years, some very talented Crew Members Matt, Charlotte and Caitalan made a film, which lots of other crew members helped script. You can watch it here:


voice-contributeHow You Can Contribute



We are always looking for new Crew Members! If you are aged between 14-21 and live, work or attend a school/college in Kirklees (Huddersfield, The Valleys, Batley, Birstall, Spen, Dewsbury, Denby Dale & Kirkburton or Mirfield)…


You can email ourvoice@kirklees.gov.uk or call 01484 221000. If you call you will need to ask for Susan Adams on the automated switchboard. Once you make contact, we will arrange an appointment to meet you and come to explain what it’s all about. We will also give you an introduction letter to pass on to your parent or carer.

You get an AQA accreditation for training, a T-Shirt and the chance to take part in lots of amazing experiences!



We are always looking for commsissions. We have over 150 trained young people who want to get involved in project work. Please don’t hesitate to contct us if you have a project or idea you’d like to discuss. You can email ourvoice@kirklees.gov.uk or call 01484 221000 and ask for Julie Walker or Kay Parry on the automated switchboard.


Are you looking for outside providers to deliver training? Do you have a group of young people who want to branch out in to commnunity projects and volunteering?  We offer training packages which cover:

  • Public Speaking
  • Service Appraisal
  • Understanding Participation
  • Decision Making
  • Creative Consultation
  • Being An Effective Leader

We have experience of running enrichment sessions in six form colleges and training days in secondary schools.

The training is creative, engaging and flexible…with not much writing! Lots of young people prefer activities and games, so we listened and built a package with them. We even get to ice gingerbread people… YUM!



 voice-voiceYoung People’s Voice


We have a FLEXIBLE approach and like to INCLUDE anyone who’d like to be involved. You can see a little more info about how representative we are here: How are we doing on representation

Photos By Laura Mateescu


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