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snappy-aimOur Aim


The Voice & Influence team have been involved in a wide range of short-term and one-off projects around key areas such as:



To ensure that the needs of children and young people are embedded into the delivery of local services, the Voice & Influence Team’s support children and young people to actively take a role in the Commissioning of local services. This has included involvement in the commissioning of tier 2 mental health services for young people.



The Voice & Influence team champion the active involvement of children and young people in the recruitment process of staff who are responsible for the delivery of services to children and young people in Kirklees, including the most senior staff within an organisation. This involves training children and young people to take part in recruitment panels designed to ensure that prospective candidates are children and young people centred and that their needs are at the heart of their work.

Previous candidates who experienced such young people’s panels as part of their own recruitment included Alison O’Sullivan (Director for Adults & Children Services) and more recently Gill Ellis (Assistant Director for Learning & Skills).



Involving young people in research and consultation is essential to ensuring that senior managers are aware of and focussing on the issues most important to young people. A good example of this is the work carried out by Kirklees Youth Council which led to ‘Money, Jobs and Opportunities’ being identified as a key priority in the Kirklees Children and Young People Plan. Another example is consultation which was carried out around Children’s Centres to ensure that both children and young people’s views were fed into a wider consultation process.

The both the School Nurses High School Transition Report and the Tackling Poverty in Kirklees Report offers a good example of how senior managers can commission young people to carry out exploratory research to help inform future strategic decision making.



Young people are at the heart of everything we do and campaign work has proved to be an effective method of enabling young people to raise awareness about issues important to them. This can use a number of different methods.

A recent example was our ‘Young People’s Voice + Influence = Change’ an image based campaign aimed at raising awareness amongst young people and adult decision makers about how they can effectively work together to improve services for young people in Kirklees. Through a series of six posters, the campaign illustrated some of the varied ways in which young people throughout Kirklees have been involved in local decision making and the life skills and accreditation they have gained from their participation. It also demonstrated some of the positive benefits influential decision makers such as local cabinet members, senior managers and practitioners have gained from involving young people in their everyday decision making processes. Click here to view the ‘Young People’s Voice + Influence = Change’ Campaign Images.


snappy-contributeHow You Can Contribute


Young People:

Time commitment for involvement ranges from an hour to 2-3 months. This is usually in the form of short, fun sessions which are varied and work around young people.  Where required, training is given.



Senior managers who are keen to seek the views of young people and/or involve them in their service planning/delivery can Contact Us for hands-on advice and support.


snappy-voiceYoung People’s Voice


Young people’s involvement in our one-off activities can have great positive impact on local services. This can include the redesign of services or in some cases, new services introduced which best meet the needs of local children and young people. In addition, children and young people can benefit enormously in terms of their personal development. The rewards and recognition that they can receive as a result of their involvement could include:

• Opportunities to gain new experiences, acquire and develop new skills

• Meeting new people and making new friends

• Gaining certificates, accreditation and a strong sense of achievement

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